Chronicles of each moment as they pass by and descriptions meant to assist in achieving each moment's awareness to the fullest. Insights into everyday life. How to train the mind to respond without hesitation and the way to let go of all of the ego bound time related misunderstandings

Monday, November 06, 2006

The hand of self 

As it is I am operating inside of myself connecting with the greater nexus of all that is.

In ways mysterious my thoughts operate upon this nexus to transform it into the template that my imagination builds and holds for it.

The truth is that my thoughts cannot be denied their expression.

Now therefore everything I've ever written about the process and the certainty of its operations becomes a cordon of action into which I place myself.

I know where I am going and I know how to get there.

Twenty six years of active preparation are too awesome to be ignored.

Why this particular now?
Because I am ready that is why.

I make it happen.

In this way I open up my world completely to all of the transformations to which I have set my hand.

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