Chronicles of each moment as they pass by and descriptions meant to assist in achieving each moment's awareness to the fullest. Insights into everyday life. How to train the mind to respond without hesitation and the way to let go of all of the ego bound time related misunderstandings

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Tuka was a fisherman. Lately he had been having a problem. It seems that three days ago he lost his head over something silly. Who knows what it was. Tuka certainly did not. Now he was running all around town carrying his head in his hands. The first thing that was disturbing was speaking to a talking head in someone's hands. It wasn't all gory or anything like that. It was just disconcerting to watch those lips moving down there mumbling and always out of breath. He was talking nonsense worrying about the war, his life, other people's life. He was asking himself and others so many questions. People tried to help him and would try and answer his questions but he never took anyone's advice. He just kept asking questions.
     "Stop this now Tuka. Put your head back on. This isn't doing you any good. Why won't you listen?" screamed Rlick his best friend.
    "Yeah but what about this and what about that? How come this and how come that? What if this and what if that? And....." Crash.
Tuka ran into Bazomba a ten foot tall Arkeesian warrior known for his lack of patience and straight forward manner. These were rare qualities in a warrior for sure. Bazomba looked down at the now frothing head and snatched it out of Tuka's hands.
"Why did you do that?" A momentarily silenced Tuka paused waiting for the answer.
"Last question Tuka." Bazomba then proceeded to heave the head five miles into the next town where it plummeted inside of the well of oblivion which led to nowhere fast so they said. All the townspeople who witnessed this marvelled at the accuracy of Bazomba shot.
All Bazomba could say as he shrugged his shoulders was: "Aw. I was trying to hit the cowpatch yonder. I guess I missed. Lucky shot huh?"
Tuka on his 5 mile journey instantly achieved enlightenment and the answers to every question. It's too bad he didn't have the presence of mind to have two feet on the ground under him so he could enjoy his new found wisdom. All his could think as he realized he was dropping endlessly into the abyss was "I wish someone could scratch behind my ear"

The point of this odd story is to pay attention. Don't worry about what's out there. You will get the answers to your questions and probably already have. Be quiet and listen. Within is all knowledge. One more point. Keep your wits about you as well as your head.

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