Chronicles of each moment as they pass by and descriptions meant to assist in achieving each moment's awareness to the fullest. Insights into everyday life. How to train the mind to respond without hesitation and the way to let go of all of the ego bound time related misunderstandings

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Lost? Feeling Deserted? 

You are lost because you hide from who you are. Now you seek to know. This much is obvious. More obvious is that you will find your way to yourself. You see asking the questions brings forth the answers, most of time unexpectedly, the answers burst forth like light in a darkened room. The light or your understanding of who you are is immanent, inside of you, ever waiting for your recognition. When you choose not to recognize yourself, yes it can seem like
G-d is deserting you, however it is you who aren't listening to who-what you are. How? Every thought represents the energy of yourself. Try changing your thoughts, your energy. Do I mean talk yourself into a better mood, a brighter way of looking at things? Absolutely. Talk yourself into it until you are convinced. Then your background chatter within will cheer you on instead of bringing you down. Energy. You infuse yourself with light-understanding which is your ability to make anew yourself from moment to moment. When I first realized this as a child I jumped so high with joy my head hit the low ceiling going down the stairs in a split level house. I had a lot of explaining to do as a child as to how I fell into the ceiling. The point is that everyone at everytime is capable of this. That change, including the recognition of the ability to change is our connection with G-d and makes everything totally possible.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Set Yourself Free Completely Now 

Rise Up. Step Out. Go Beyond. Extend that which is your impression and express it fully and completely now.

Relax your hold on these illusions. Let Go. Float. Flow.

It is with your spirit that you are to venture forth. The rest will follow naturally.

Enter not with a heart of longing to be there but rather be accepting as it is already done.

Absolutely no more waiting.

Learn to move with your spirit. It is why connection is always a primary goal. With connection there is direction.
The spirit having direction naturally follows the correct course.

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