Chronicles of each moment as they pass by and descriptions meant to assist in achieving each moment's awareness to the fullest. Insights into everyday life. How to train the mind to respond without hesitation and the way to let go of all of the ego bound time related misunderstandings

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The movement of thought 

Many times it is in the movement of thought that we are recognized. There is always movement, however not always meaning.

Be inspired by the imaginations return to you. It is the precursor of form.

I let go of this and I let go of that as I bring forth my own within.

What Works? 


Then the gathering

Simplicity itself in the unification of ideas

More space

Extending the fields of awareness

Remove obstacles through dissipation

Bring creations into view by accretion.

The idea, the feeling and their harmony.

Dissipate the one, accrue the other until you are there.

Then light and more light. Shower the garden with light. More light.

Water with branching. Expand with invention.




Gratitude for it is done.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Active and Passive Voice--What is their Meaning? 

The passive voice is receptivity. Instead of reaching up you are letting go within. As you let go the images of your intention rise before you. Let them go. Allow them to rise to the surface. Witness first the bubbles of awareness and then the ripples of their coalescing into form. Witness. Do not disturb. Relax. Detach.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Here and Now 

It is here and now. There is no other time for it to be. Not in front of me but right now where I am. It is perfectured formed. How could it be any other way. Do not look far away but look within. That is where it is at.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

The very act of bringing my attention around to my internal focus sets this focus on the source. In order to become more fully aware of the source you have to recognize the source in deeper and deeper levels of comprehension. It is the all good. It wants to be found. It wants to have your recognition of your connection to it. The quality of your attention must be absorption.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Right On About Everything All the Time 

The truth is I am right on about everything all the time. It is in the external world that I become lost. The recognition of the internal reality is the only way to maintain your focus. It is also the way in which you can see the expressions of your focus. With an external orientation you work the outside but do not bring forth the inside. It becomes a matter of spiritual creativity to lift yourself up when the maw of inertia is pulling you down. All I know is everytime I remember myself I set myself free.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Set the Tone 

     Set the tone for your own agenda. Inside of you the maker awaits your every thought. Take action by transforming the energy within into the forms you would see inside of your world today. Make them in every way full of light and love for there is the place of greatest understanding and the complete fulfillment of form. There is much to work upon. So much food for thought. The choices are many. Choose to act in the direction unto which you have been given the vision. In this way harmony results and the consistency of each moment adds to the peace within. Increase your sense of now by putting on this vision and like a garment wrapping it self around you. Keep up this wrapping of the garment your world then appears as your vision has shown. Disregard every errant thread. Snip it if you must in mid stride if it does not conform to the vision even if it presents a compelling reason for being there. It can only break up the pattern of confluence which you are building into each moment. Feel a sense of purpose as the revealed forms become more visible in each moment. The tension can be used as a background and then dissipated through creative imagery. It can flow now because it is taking the course that has already been prescribed for it. There is no competition, only the self coming to know the self in greater and greater detail. As you wrap your envisioning around yourself, extend yourself outward and see the world partaking of this envisioning. Yes there are distances as in space, but then again there the countless inner journeys which take place in order to unify the awareness in each place of activity.

I feel it all around moving itself into every form.
The run it goes through aprils doors to filter every storm.
It presents itself to me in times uncertain moments,
to place me back on track to see the wisdom of its meaning.

The focus full, refined, familiar.
Guides me to another gate.
Going through on wings of clover,
I finally conquer fate.

This is another way to win
to ride the perfect wave.
and roll along with easy step
and have this life to save.

Thoughts unravel like layers on an onion skin,
In and through all are the meanings so dear.
looking out the energy of connection shares and reveals itself
in making everything situation clear.

The substance of faith is bringing forth the unknown into the known.
It can only be called down from above with the greatest of art.
The vessel ready from the beginning flows inside of itself and then there is the becoming.

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