Chronicles of each moment as they pass by and descriptions meant to assist in achieving each moment's awareness to the fullest. Insights into everyday life. How to train the mind to respond without hesitation and the way to let go of all of the ego bound time related misunderstandings

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Look on the periphery and watch as the edges appear and reappear. See your good happening everywhere in every case and in every moment. Your good yes it does appear and appear again and again from every place you have ever looked for it.
  • It isn't so much the record that is to be produced as the process whereby the record is presented for view and then formulated just so to reflect completely every nuance of meaning.

  • The unlimited now calls to you, through you. It is no mistake that you are here now.
  • Seek deeply that which always is and operate from the side of good. The expression issues from its source. It is within you and all around you. Be not bound by appearances. Of you would do well to recognize every manner of good things that abounds in the echosphere of your mind space. From this abundance therefore bring forth all of creation into the holiness of one.

    Friday, December 19, 2003

    Here is a story about the holy instant and about that something else which
    makes us think to find that meaning which is always there in every moment.

    Sor-Li spent his mornings polishing the kings' throne. The throne was made
    out of the purest gold and shone with a lustre all its own, yet Sor-Li
    would work every morning from sunup to noon, adding to the brilliance that
    caused the throne to sparkle and dazzle those who beheld it. It was so
    bright that the king would have a veil placed over the throne so that its
    brightness would not out dazzle his kingly eminence. One day Sor-Li was
    sick and could not assume his polishing duties. Therefore the throne
    remained covered until Sor-Li could recover to resume his duties. Now the
    king did not know Sor-Li had stopped polishing the throne and the king had
    never once gazed upon his golden throne. He made it a point never to come
    into the throne room until after the noon hour had struck. One day the
    king was restless and went into the throne room to see his treasured
    throne and to speak with Sor-Li to compliment him on the excellent job he
    was doing. The king was therefore amazed to find the throne covered and
    Sor-Li nowhere about. The veil still covered the throne. The king was
    reluctant to remove the veil from the throne, fearing he would be
    overwhelmed by its brightness. Still, curiosity overcame his superstitions
    and he reached over and quickly pulled off the cover. Instead of the
    throne he saw Sor-Li smiling in the garden where the golden sunlight
    beamed off of the still clear lake in the center. Two white swans walked
    around the lake and birds were singing cheerful melodies in the distance.
    The king walked further into the picture and as he approached Sor-Li to
    ask him about this wonderful vision he felt a sense of all abiding joy
    overtake him in body, mind and soul. So rapt was he in his reverie that he
    never realized that Sor-Li had disappeared and it was he, the king who had
    been sitting in the garden all along.

    I hope you enjoy this tale. All of us sit in the garden. The throne never
    dulls. One step in the right direction is enough to partake of all joy,
    all peace, and complete understanding.

    If you have any questions, please recover the throne. *

    Mark Siet

    Wednesday, December 03, 2003

  • Most attempts at describing the innate nature of now involve telling you what not to do. It then becomes a philosophy by antithesis. It is kind of like backing your way into a room, turning around and noticing that you have no idea what you are doing there or what you can do to stay there. Confusing yes unless an adequate methodology is worked out. The only way this can be done is to let now teach you its way.
  • The way of now is altogether present everywhere and everywhen. There are doors in the mind that are opened. Inside too are windows where the shades are raised, the window sill uplifted and the new air allowed to circulate all throughout the mindsphere. It is telling when the interweaving of flows catches hold of ambient thought whisking it around in stage after stage of unifying representations. In truth what is it that we are seeing? It is the sum total of who we are taking into account that everyone we are in totality together is represented here. Distinctions are not. Duality missing. Every connection formed by these openings and interweavings strengthens the visionary perspective. The real becomes more real as contrast completely disappears. Comparisons cannot be made without looking back which would be to defeat the purpose of this exercise. Self awareness grows as in and through every body the tendrils of self find their place and recognize from within the equal playing field.

  • Of Course everything changes. It is to be expected. Even the quality of listening is affected as its intensity becomes more apparent. the various pulls and flows are harmonized and directed from within. A type of funnel effect is reached so that the attention is on the apex of the funnel and not cycling along the rim.

  • All power is contained within the moment but it is not a personal power but an awesome power of experience. The richness of the moment increases as time based illusions are dealt away. This is not an easy task given the habit mind of the ego which moves from outward experience to inward projection. It is however not impossible and therefore the reason for this type of journal.

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